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Jim Guyn, MD

Senior Vice President Population Health, St Charles Health System 

Past Executive Medical Director for Accountable Care and Quality, Cambia Health Solutions

It is a pleasure and an honor to recommend Dr Mera. I had the privilege of working with Csaba at Cambia Health Solutions, where he was the Deputy Chief Medical Officer. He truly was the functional CMO for that organization. Csaba oversaw all the clinical operations, quality and medical management, and all the clinical professional, of which I was one. During that time I was helping develop accountable care relationships with providers in four states.


I reported directly to Csaba. He is truly an outstanding individual, very experienced and knowledgeable as a clinician, and a gifted mentor. He is thoughtful, provided insightful guidance, and had the admiration of all those he worked with. He was highly respected and beloved. Csaba has a keen mind for understanding problems and finding creative solutions, which I observed on numerous occasions. He is outstanding as a consultant, he understands the entire spectrum of clinical medicine, quality programing, payer roles and strengths, and how providers and payers can work successfully together to get results. He is, as one of my associates put it “ Just an incredibly good person”


Don Antonucci, MBA

Senior Vice President, Employer Markets

Blue Shield of California

Past President, Regence BlueShield, Washington
Past President, Regence BlueCross BlueShield, Oregon

Dr. Csaba Mera is an expert and experienced leader in driving impactful value-based care solutions and services for organizations. I worked closely with Dr. Mera while he served as Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Cambia Health Solutions and Executive Medical Director for Regence BlueCross BlueShield. Dr. Mera positioned our company with leading solutions in value-based care, including serving as the senior leader for successfully implementing a comprehensive four-state Accountable Health program on behalf of the Regence health plans. Finally, Dr. Mera was able to communicate complex solutions and programs in ways that were understandable to key employer group clients, prospects and consultants. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would do so again in a heartbeat should the opportunity ever arise in the future.


Maggie Radany, RN, MPP

Vice President for Clinical Consulting at The Precept Group

Past Director, Healthcare Performance, UltraLink (now Secova)

Csaba Mera has deep and broad experience creating value in healthcare. From clinical work to care management to development of mobile applications and beyond, Csaba has developed and led innovative approaches that push the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care to new levels. With many years experience in health insurance and employee benefits consulting, he has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges employers face in managing healthcare costs and promoting employee satisfaction and productivity. Combined with his delightful, wide-ranging intellectual curiosity, this enables him to truly think outside of the box for solutions that work. In short, he is a knowledgeable, creative and personable consultant who brings a broad range of abilities to bear on the many challenges in health care and employer health cost management.


Jeff Keim

Director Healthcare Informatics at Cambia Health Solutions

Dr. Mera and I worked together during his tenure with Cambia Health Solutions. As the Director of Healthcare Informatics we had frequent interactions involving data analytics for medical management, sales, value based contracting and government programs. Dr. Mera’s depth of experience allows him to effectively lead teams to build and execute innovative and transformational strategies. His leadership style is motivating, empowering and produces results; he holds himself and others accountable while demonstrating empathy and humor under even the most difficult circumstances. Dr. Mera led our enterprise focus on cost management by establishing a multi-disciplinary team accountable for reviewing medical and pharmacy cost trends, utilization indicators, trend variances, and rapidly deploying interventions to address opportunities. He made sure our customer’s experience was woven into every action by developing approaches to ensure we had optimal messaging, ongoing communications and impact mitigation. Under Csaba’s leadership the team implemented a series of initiatives that led to very significant incremental cost savings the following year. Dr. Mera is one of the most effective and admirable leaders I have had the opportunity to work with during my career.

Thomas Bikales, PhD, JD

General Counsel at Moda Health, formerly ODS

I whole-heartedly endorse Csaba Mera and would recommend him as a leader and guide to assist employer groups, health systems and health plans in navigating the rough waters of today’s healthcare environment. I am the General Counsel at Moda Health and worked with Csaba for almost a decade. I have seen him operate effectively in the worlds of medical and cost management and healthcare quality. I have seen the results he has delivered. Most importantly, I have seen that Csaba has achieved his impressive results without sacrificing what must have made him an incredible clinician—his ability to listen and learn, his compassion and the sheer joy he brings to working with people to reach a common goal.


Mark Hiatt, MD

Vice President of Medical Affairs

Former Executive Medical Director
Regence BlueCross BlueShield

Dr. Csaba Mera stands out as one of the most committed, caring, inspiring, and insightful physician executives I have known.

Committed. Dr. Mera is committed. I worked closely with him for three years when he adeptly juggled not one, but three positions for Regence BlueCross BlueShield, serving simultaneously as Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Clinical Services for the four states served by Regence and Executive Medical Director for one of these states. His devotion to his work in these three jobs was remarkable. I never once witnessed him faltering in his responsibilities. All my requests for assistance or guidance, for example, were answered effectively, and even in a timely manner, particularly amazing given his many duties. I believe that Dr. Mera was able to accomplish this feat because of his passionate commitment and extraordinary efficiency. How many of us are able to maintain an empty email inbox at the end of each day?

Caring. Dr. Mera is caring. When I knew him at Regence, he had numerous important responsibilities critical to the company and managed many people, yet I never felt that he didn’t sincerely care for me and want me to succeed. We had recurring biweekly meetings for three years — I can’t recall his ever missing or being late to one of these meetings. Despite his full schedule, he respectfully and courteously made time for me and followed through with helpful advice and action. I was also impressed that he would devote time during each of our meetings to ask about how I was doing outside of work, how my family was, and what issues at work I needed his help or advice on. I have worked with and for many physicians and physician executives — Dr. Mera stands out among them as a truly motivational leader because of his commitment and caring.

Inspiring. Dr. Mera inspires. His vision and passion first inspired me to join his team and subsequently sustained me through the challenges of my job. 

Insightful. Dr. Mera is insightful. Among many other extraordinary talents, Dr. Mera has an exceptional and uncanny ability to understand the essence of an issue quickly and identify a subsequent course of efficacious action, and then inspire others to realize the innovative opportunity. His insights and interventions are golden.

I feel privileged to have worked with Dr. Csaba Mera — one of the most committed, caring, inspiring, and insightful physician executives I have ever encountered.


Rich Rainey, MD

Medical Director at The Regence Group

I had the pleasure of working closely with Dr Csaba Mera for several years, both as a colleague and reporting to him. Dr Mera is very knowledgeable about health care, with deep and broad medical management experience, and he uses his experience well in addressing a wide range of issues. He listens well, and he is able to balance his experience, new information and new ideas in considering issues. His questions and insights are thoughtful, and he promotes driving to effective results. He is adaptable, and very collaborative throughout an organization. I'm sure others would enjoy and benefit from working with Dr. Mera as I have.


Max Janasik, CPA

Vice President of Innovation at Cambia Health Solution

Csaba was a great partner with our innovation team as both a thought leader and a mentor. Although his title of Deputy Chief Medical Officer would have come across as intimidating to those who didn't know him, his approachable demeanor made all of our igniters (people with ideas) feel respected and heard.


Csaba could be counted on to keynote key events we held (e.g., TEDMED live) as well as coach individual igniters on their idea pitches and support them as a co-presenter in front of our executive team. Csaba authentically cares about people and their ideas and I hope to work with him again in the future.



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