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Utilization management, care coordination and case management program design.

Integration of medical management programs.

Integration of medical, behavioral health and pharmacy management programs.

Medical and pharmacy policy development strategy and tactics.

Preparation for URAC and NCQA accreditation.

Preparation for Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Continuous Quality Improvement program development.

Employees should always come first.  Yes, they should come before customers.  Why?  Because employees who are valued, know that their employer sincerely caress about their wellbeing.  These employees will provide the best customer service and experience.  There are plenty of organizations that have proved this simple truth through their indisputable success.  Valuing employees as number one leads not only to a committed workforce but one that stays with you.  And based on the most recent research, that includes Millennials.


Employee productivity, wellbeing, absenteeism, presenteeism, workers comp, short-term and long-term disability are important. They’re all challenges that employers face and Mera Consulting can help develop positive ways to address these challenges.

Assess the products and services of health care vendors for quality, effectiveness and marketability.

Evaluate healthcare product and service vendor appropriateness and value for health plans and self funded employers.

Develop marketing strategies for high value health care vendor products and services.

There are more than 15 million health care workers in the US and we watch movies and TV series.   Unfortunately, too often there is that cringe factor that we have tolerate: X-ray images upside down and flipped; blindly shoving needles into arms and necks to inject various substances; and egregious bits of dialog - "Are you having pain in the left lower back?  That's where your liver is?"  

Mera Consulting can help.

  • Consultation on medical elements for accuracy and appropriateness.

  • Review and recommendations on dialog involving medical issues.